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Kimb00p a posted Sun at 23:45
We've all heard new players ask, "where is the death swap?" So, Anarchy Network has brought DeathSwap so we can keep those new players and build our population. Since it is new, please report all bugs as soon as possible so they may get fixed.

KitPVP is now fully ready! We will be adding more kits progressively!

Currently Pr0t0typ3tw0 and his friends are building an awesome Hide 'n Seek arena that we may use in the future for another fun minigame. :)

And last, but not least, we are on the search for 2 players to become part of the Anarchy Network staff team. Please apply HERE.

Kimb00p a posted Jul 13, 14

Yes! The server is now 2 years old! We have been through so much together and even evolved into the Anarchy Network from The Dead End! I'm so glad to be celebrating with you all and I hope to have another wonderful year here at The Anarchy Network! 

A little history: 2 years ago The Dead End was created by Doug and myself and was hosted on my own personal laptop. The theme was zombie apocalypse and we quickly acquired more and more players and soon needed to use a MC hosting company to reduce lag. 

The more players we got, the more evolved we needed to be. We needed more staff. And we just needed more. The zombie apocalypse thing wasn't really holding and by then the development of minigames and bukkit plugins have gone through the roof. We needed to change, and that's how The Anarchy Network came to be. And the name resulting from the server being predominantly Factions-based.  

I'm excited that we have made it this far. Most servers die within the first few months but you all have shown me that this is worth doing and your donations keep this server running! We are at an all time high with activity and we hardly see the server stay at 0 players online for very long. So I thank you all for your dedication and for choosing Anarchy Network as your server!


I will be going on a 2-night, 3-day camping trip starting on 7/15. If anyone has any issues please take them up with the staff, or send me a message here on enjin.

Heavenwins i want to play hide n seek lol
Pr0t0typ3tw0 My friends and I are currently making a fair sized town, which eventually upon it's completion I intend to copy and past ...
jakesandobal Please don't add insta soup that just screams "AUTOSOUP"
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7/21: *Completed DeathSwap (just needs some testing to confirm it works)
*Completed KitPVP.
*Created a minigames "hub"
*Removed ChestShops plugin.
*Removed The End and Nether (too many worlds)

7/20: *Added death swap, need to add warp/portal.
*Added Kitpvp, need to add kits.

7/18: *Fixed whatever happened to the Faction spawn.

7/14: *Removed the marriage plugin (not compatible with current version of MC).
*Fixed spawning, you'll now spawn at last logout location.
*Added server hub, /hub
*Deleted factions world and recreated due to inventory errors
*Downloaded KitPvP plugin

7/13: *Added 3 more spleef arenas.
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