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Kimb00p a posted Aug 22, 14

The beta server is officially now our primary server. The old server will continue to run to redirect new players and old players to the new IP address. Thank you everyone :)

Here's to more ram and more possibilities!

Navarone_sniper the server is like dead now
canonbob51 Its down again...
Kimb00p a It's back up.

Kimb00p a posted Jul 28, 14
With the addition of many minigames plugins, KitPVP, Deathswap, and more coming soon, we needed to upgrade our server to have more ram and less lag! 

I have been working at transferring data from our current server to one that has more ram and I now need players to do some beta testing to make sure it is running smoothly and to report any errors or bugs that you might come across here.

The IP address to the BETA SERVER is:

xxGAMERS135 Yeah but i never said the server lagged badly i just said that i didnt c difference except having an extra 5-10 fps
xxGAMERS135 Now that i check on it my fps does change by 5-10 once in a while
xxGAMERS135 But i do play on a laptop on a hardwood floor so yeah I'm dont have all that tech stuff ...

7/28: *Adding Hunger Games map and plugin to the beta server.

7/27: *Released Beta server IP address.
*Fixed staff lastest thread module to only appear to staff.
*Added an anonymous forum for reporting players and server bugs.
*Added a module appearing above the graph showing staff when someone posts or replies in the Reporting Players/Server Bugs forum.

7/21: *Completed DeathSwap (just needs some testing to confirm it works)
*Completed KitPVP.
*Created a minigames "hub"
*Removed ChestShops plugin.
*Removed The End and Nether (too many worlds)

7/20: *Added death swap, need to add warp/portal.
*Added Kitpvp, need to add kits.

7/18: *Fixed whatever happened to the Faction spawn.

7/14: *Removed the marriage plugin (not compatible with current version of MC).
*Fixed spawning, you'll now spawn at last logout location.
*Added server hub, /hub
*Deleted factions world and recreated due to inventory errors
*Downloaded KitPvP plugin

7/13: *Added 3 more spleef arenas.
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