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Kimb00p a posted Fri at 8:05

I have been so terribly busy, once again. With work/paying bills and college. I'm trying to get better grades in school since I'm getting closer to applying to pharmacy schools (with not so good grades, lol). 

Summer is near and hopefully then I will be much more active! 

cupcake0422 Its okay lol try to get good grades in school and try to come on when you know you have time.
xxGAMERS135 Summer is probaly the time im most busiest :/
_Xavia_ It's OK school can really keep one busy xD keep up the awesome work ...

Kimb00p a posted Apr 2, 14
Server Restart In Progress

That's right. We're wiping the server and starting fresh. Everyone who has ranks will still have them and if I miss any of the bugs, please let me know so I can fix them as soon as I can. To submit bugs, just hit the "Post a Comment" link under this article. 

xxGAMERS135 Grrrrr is this in factions
BootsiePoo Oh and raiding season will soon begin but don't worry we are targeting an individual this time. So don't be scared. (We ...
BootsiePoo BootsiePoo was here
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